the candidates

Artist intervention & performance in VR space, in collaboration with Manu Luksch

Three electoral candidates face each other off in a virtual hustings.
 With guest voices: Johny Brown and Gavin Starks.

THE CANDIDATES is a new commission for VR (Mozilla Hubs) by WISE2020, supported by Österreichische Kulturforum Peking/Österreichische Botschaft Peking.

WISE & The Island of New Realities
a programme of talks and art in VR (Mozilla Hubs), curated by Philipp Grefer as part of WISE2020, Saturday 29 August 2020, 13:00-15:20 GMT.

WISE2020 included presentations by:
Alvin Graylin Wang, China President HTC: The coming XR cultural tsunami

Friedrich von Borries: (Creative) life in cities post COVID-19
and a panel on 
VR art in China and the West featuring Li Zhenhua, Patricia Detmering, Giorgio Vitale and Peggy Schoenegge