technology & ethics

towards an ethics for the age of the algorithm


Mathematical Infra-structures (FAT / CRAFT 2020)


‘To be connected: perspectives on autonomy and risk from the Electric Age’
with Manu Luksch, forthcoming in [tbc]. (2020)

with Manu Luksch, forthcoming in D. Agostinho, C. D’Ignazio, A. Ring, N. Thylstrup, K. Veel (eds.). Uncertain Archives. (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2020)

‘A Brief History of Real Time’
in W. Sützl, ed. Creating Insecurity. (Plymouth: Plymouth University Press / Autonomedia, 2009)

Ambient Information Systems. (London: AIS, 2009)
coedited with Manu Luksch
Donload from or buy the book from the Editions page or at Amazon. 2008 (AIS: London, 2008)
Catalogue: artists residencies of Wolfgange Staehle, Tuomas Toivonen, Fahim Amir, Shiho Fukuhara

‘ambientTV.NET: You Call It Art’
with Manu Luksch in K. Coyer, T. Dowmunt, T. & A. Fountain (eds). The Alternative Media Handbook. (London: Routledge, 2007)

‘Chasing the data shadow. A filmmaker’s close-up encounter with the Data Protection Act’
with Manu Luksch in G. Stocker & C. Schöpf (eds). Ars Electronica: Goodbye Privacy. (Berlin: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2007).
Also available online in Variant No. 31 (2008).

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