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*Faceless (music for a science fiction/social faction thriller that exclusively uses surveillance camera footage, by Manu Luksch, in production)
*Transmission music for Russell Maliphant Company (2005)
*harmony music for Saju Hari (Resolutions, London, 2005)
*chain-music — segment for Ryuichi Sakamoto’s online work (
*Unknown White Male music for documentary about a man who lost his memory and identity (Spectre Films/FilmFour, for preview at Sundance 2005)
*foliage chorus — multi-channel sound for dance installation for Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Co., to inaugurate Hendon Artsdepot (November 2004)
*twelvetwentyone music for Lyon Opéra Ballet, chor. Russell Maliphant, (11ème Biennale de la Danse, Lyon, 2004)
*Virtual Borders (soundtrack for a feature length documentary on the Akha people of the Mekong Quadrangle, by Manu Luksch, 2004)
*Skin music for Vena Ramphal / Vitafilms (2004)
*England Expects — for 7 ghettoblasters and a megaphone, commissioned for Summer in the Square (Trafalgar Square, London, May 2004)
*Diaspora.In.Synchro.City — for 8 ghettoblasters (Århus Festege, Denmark, August 2003)
*Choice music for Russell Maliphant Company (2003)
*Armadillo for your show (music for Oleg Kulik at Tate Modern, London, 2003)
*Critics Choice***** music for The Ballet Boyz (choreographed by Akram Khan, London 2003)
*DNAsia sound/video installation for Shobana Jeyasingh (2003)
*Housed multiroom sound and dance installation based on Conrad’s Heart of Darkness for Prised Open (London, 2002)
ballet boyz kama sutra

saju hari
saju hari
saju hari
russell maliphant
spiral pass
both, and
piece #43

foliage chorus

le ballet de l’opera de lyon
christopher wheeldon
ballet boyz / akram khan
House of Kurtz (2002, Athina Vahla)