flexitime (gallery)

Gallery version of an elastic time machine

Triple video projection, rotary control knob on plinth, loudspeakers, computer and custom hardware
In development, 2019–

This variable-rate clock is an elastic time machine. The clock’s rate can be adjusted to between 25% and 400% of ‘real’ time’s passage by means of a metal rotary knob on a plinth. The waxing and waning of time allows one to enjoy a longer afternoon nap than usual, or to breeze through a dental appointment at high speed, or to submit a paper to deadline. Time is borrowed or loaned only temporarily; the time debt is settled each midnight – the clock gradually adjusts its rate so that it is in sync with UTC at 0h.

Elastic time is displayed as a projected rectangle, along which hour, minute and second markers move according to the rate. The current rate also determines the sound of the clock. The colour at a point along the rectangle indicates the (historical, set, or predicted) rate at that time.

Pressing the knob repeatedly cycles through zoom setting on the clock, showing an entire 24 hours, or smaller parts.